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AiB holds various seminars and workshops to raise awareness and share information on our activites as well as giving us the opportunity to consider ideas and consult with our stakeholders. You can find information on forthcoming events and booking information where available, as well as presentation slides and accompanying information from previous events. 

Each year, AiB hosts a series of free, one-day events across Scotland to engage with stakeholders from across the debt and insolvency sector. The events include seminars and workshops with the aim of raising awareness and sharing information on our activities as well as giving us the opportunity to consider ideas and consult with our stakeholders.

when and where?

The AiB Annual Stakeholder Events 2017 were: 

Atlantic Quay (link is external)

24 April 2017 

Stakeholder pack

Victoria Quay (link is external)

8 May 2017 

Stakeholder pack

Frederick Street (link is external)

15 May 2017 

Stakeholder pack

Atlantic Quay (link is external)

30 May 2017

Stakeholder pack

What is the aim of these events?

To engage with our stakeholders through workshop sessions, seek your feedback on the work we do and discuss how we can work together better.  


Who were the events aimed at?

Anyone interested or involved in debt or money advice services in Scotland. This is of particular value to professionals in the financial, legal, credit and advice services, sector regulators, debt help charities, local authorities, local government recovery specialists and other social policy makers.

These events will focus on discussions around the effectiveness of debt solutions currently in place, assessing the elements of recent legislation and assessing the future of some solutions.


Workshop topics

  • Opening presentation
    Presentation by the Accountant in Bankruptcy and Agency Chief Executive, Richard Dennis
  • Are current debt solutions working?
    The issue of debt has undergone a period of tremendous change in recent years as a consequence of new legislation, different methods of debt relief and debt management and even how debt is perceived in society. This session will look at the current statutory solutions, analyse if they are working and debate what more AiB could be doing that it don't currently offer.

    Presentations slides

  • Has BADA(S) been a success?

Since the introduction of the Bankruptcy and Debt Advice (Scotland) Act 2014, AiB has overseen the implementation of significant changes affecting all stakeholders in the sector. This session will assess how the changes are working and poses the question about which elements AiB should look at reviewing.

Presentations slides

  • What is the future of DAS?
    Over the last few years, the Debt Arrangement Scheme has seen a gradual decline in applications. Why is this? Has DAS outlived its usefulness or is there more that can be done to make DAS a sustainable product for years to come? 

    Presentations slides