Customer satisfaction survey goes live

Accountant in Bankruptcy (AiB) and their staff endeavour to provide a service that meets the needs of all of their customers, treating everyone they come into contact with in the course of their daily business, with dignity and respect.


To evaluate this service, AiB has commissioned an independent research company – Ashbrook Research & Consultancy Ltd – to conduct a customer satisfaction survey amongst individuals that have engaged with us recently. The survey is in the form of an online questionnaire providing participants with an opportunity to let us know about their dealings with AiB.


​If interested, we would be grateful if you could select as survey below based on your involvement in AiB and complete a brief online questionnaire;


AiB Customer Experience Survey: - Money advisers


AiB Customer Experience Survey: - Debtors


AiB Customer Experience Survey: - Creditors


AiB Customer Experience Survey: - Insolvency Practitioners


All completed questionnaires will be automatically sent to Ashbrook Consultancy, maintaining privacy and anonymity for those taking part in the survey, ensuring their identity and views expressed will be anonymous and confidential. It will not be possible for Ashbrook or AiB to identify the participant.


The results of the survey should be available in December.