Urgent information for creditors regarding DASH

URGENT: The Accountant in Bankruptcy’s Debt Arrangement Scheme system DASH will be decommissioned on 30 June 2019. 

The ​replacement system eDEN will go live on 1 July 2019 and creditors will be required to correspond with all parties in DAS via the eDEN system.

AiB is developing a new DAS case management system to replace DASH.

The new system, eDEN (enhanced DAS Electronic Network), will be launched on 1 July 2019.  

We envisage DAS to be a completely digital process (with limited exceptions) which will impact creditors engaging by paper correspondence only. Creditors are expected to engage with DAS via eDEN which will speed up the entire DAS process and lead to creditors receiving payments sooner.

This communication is for all creditors to advise and inform of what will happen over the next few months.

eDEN training site

In preparation for eDEN going live, AiB has developed a training site to allow stakeholders the opportunity to familiarise themselves with eDEN prior to launch. 

The eDEN training site is expected to be available from the end of March 2019 with creditor functionality being available in April as further developments are released. 

If you would like access to the training site, please contact the AiB Efficiencies and Technology team who will create your user account. Contact details will be provided when the eDEN training site goes live.

eDEN eLearning 

AiB is creating an eLearning package for eDEN, giving instructions on how to carry out DAS processes on the system. 

The eLearning courses will provide guidance for all stakeholder groups including creditors on using eDEN for administering DAS cases. They will cover tasks such as confirming debts, accepting debt payment programmes and submitting applications for variation and revocation.

eDEN eLearning will be available on the AiB website from the end of March 2019

with the creditor training package being available from April as further developments are released.

Further training can be arranged if required, on request.


When eDEN launches on 1 July 2019 the DAS case information currently held on DASH will be migrated to eDEN. At this time creditors will be able to access eDEN on using their existing login details for DASH as user account details will also be migrated. When you first log in to the new system you will be asked to change your password for use on eDEN.

In preparation for migration, we will be asking creditors to review the list of DASH users within your organisation as only verified user accounts will migrate. This exercise will be undertaken prior to the launch of eDEN.


We encourage creditors to familiarise themselves with the eDEN training site prior to the launch of eDEN on 1 July 2019. Any feedback regarding the new system is welcome to ensure eDEN works for all stakeholder groups working with DAS.

Details of where feedback should be sent will be issued to those requesting access to the eDEN training site.

AiB stakeholder events

AiB is hosting a series of free, one-day events across Scotland to engage with stakeholders from across the debt and insolvency sector.

The events include seminars, workshops and discussions relevant to the sector with the aim of offering an opportunity for real, meaningful two-way communication with those at the sharp end. 

The AiB Annual Stakeholder Events 2019 will take place in:


24 April 2019


2 May 2019


7 May 2019


15 May 2019 

Further information is available here, where you can also book your place at an event

Further communications will be issued providing updates as information becomes available.

If you require any additional information, please contact the AiB Efficiencies and Technology team at:     eDENenquiries@aib.gov.uk