eDEN live release

AiB’s new DAS case management system, eDEN, will go live as planned on Monday 1 July 2019. From this date all new applications must be submitted through eDEN.
Users will receive further communication on 1 July to confirm when eDEN is available for use. Initial access will be granted through existing usernames and users should then select the option to reset their password.
We had hoped to migrate existing cases from the legacy DASH system to eDEN prior to 1 July to allow stakeholders to conduct testing of their existing DAS caseloads, but this has not been possible.
Consequently, some stakeholders have requested we delay the migration until they have access to their migrated cases and are able to complete testing.
We believe it is important stakeholders have sufficient time to conduct testing so have agreed to their request. We will issue a new release on 22 July which will include all migrated cases and allow eDEN to handle all DAS casework.
As a result of this delay, users will require to continue to use DASH for existing cases.
The ability to create new applications on DASH will be removed from Monday, but all other functions will remain available. The DAS register will be unaffected.
We recognise that this period of dual-running will bring a level of inconvenience but we believe the benefits of the eDEN application process are substantial and should be made available to users from 1 July.
The AiB website contains guidance including how to complete an application and confirm debts on eDEN and can be accessed through the eDEN training page.