Trust Deed Guide effective from 01 April 2008

Trust Deed Guide

Official publication date - April 2008

Website publication date - August 2008

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This not intended to be a complete guide to the law. This leaflet reflects the rules in force from 1 April 2008. For protected trust deeds that started before 1 April 2008 see the AiB publication AiB 7 - Protected Trust Deeds.

This leaflet gives general guidance on trust deeds. It is aimed at people who might be thinking about signing a trust deed but it will also be helpful for people who are owed money by someone who has signed a trust deed.



What is a trust deed?

What is a protected trust deed?

What are the consequences of signing a trust deed?

What happens when I sign a trust deed?

How does my trust deed become a protected trust deed?

What will creditors expect?

What is paid to my trustee?

Where does the money come from?

What happens if my circumstances change?

What happens to my debts?

What happens if I don't co-operate with my trustee?

What should I do if I am unhappy with my trustee?

What if my creditors are unhappy with my trustee?

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