Audit committee

The role of the Audit committee is to:
  • Support the accountable officer and Agency Chief Executive Richard Dennis by overseeing and reviewing the risk, control and governance processes established and the associated assurance processes through constructive challenge
  • Test the way in which the assurances are developed and the management priorities and approaches behind those assurances, in order to guarantee that the assurances are reliable and functioning
  • Assist the accountable officer in reviewing the sources of assurance annually

The committee will meet at least four times per year with one meeting being timed in advance of annual accounts being signed to hear any representations by Grant Thornton. The committee may invite other individuals to attend for specific agenda issues and may also hold closed meetings involving only committee members when required. The Chair or the Chief Executive may convene further meetings to discuss particular issues on which they require the committee's advice. Reports and minutes will be passed to The Advisory Board.

Minutes will be published following approval.