Ad-hoc & Experimental statistics


These ad-hoc statistics are used internally by the AiB and the Scottish Government and during stakeholder engagement to inform policy development.

Experimental statistics are a type of official statistics that are undergoing development.

The Code of Practice for Statistics says that statistics producers must provide free and equal access to regular, ad-hoc, and experimental official statistics.

Ad-hoc / Experimental release ID Release Date Type of Data Publication files Why this release is being published
5 06/10/2020

All statutory debt solutions & moratorium

(Ad-hoc statistics)

Ad-hoc statistics
October 2020 -  Publication tables
Ad-hoc statistics -
October 2020
4 24/09/2020

All statutory debt solutions & moratorium

(Ad-hoc statistics)

Ad-hoc statistics 2020 publication tables Ad-hoc statistics 2020

Last updated: 9/09/2020

All statutory debt solutions

(Experimental Statistics)


08/01/2020 & 13/01/2020

Protected trust deeds

(Ad-hoc Statistics / Management Information)

Publication documents 

Supplementary tables

Protected trust deeds (PTDs) statistics 
1 26/08/2019*


(Ad-hoc Statistics / Management Information)

Publication tables

Ad-hoc statistical release - The Debt Arrangement Scheme (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2019

*The provisional release date was Friday 23 August. This date is now finalised as Monday 26 August in order to ensure the quality assurance process has been carried out thoroughly.