Statistics & data

The production and publication of the following Scottish Insolvency Statistics and Scottish Diligence Statistics reports will be temporarily suspended until further notice: 

a) Scottish Insolvency Statistics: January to March 2020 (2019-20 Quarter 4)
Original publication date: 22 April 2020

b) Scottish Insolvency Statistics: April to May 2020 (2020-21 Quarter 1)
Original publication date: 22 July 2020

c) Scottish Diligence Statistics 2019-20
Original publication date: July 2020 (Exact date was not announced).

This action is necessary due to an urgent shift of resource to help manage immediate issues arising from the COVID-19 outbreak.

We will continue to produce regular statistics and will make these available when produced. However, please note that these are not official statistics, and therefore should only be used as a guide.

If you require further information about the statistics, please contact Ken.O'

Previous statistical publications:

 Annual Reports
  • Contain a summary of the work carried out by and on behalf of The Accountant in Bankruptcy including commentary and items of topical interest.
 Quarterly statistics
  • High level overview of case numbers, includes statistical reporting of trends and changes during that period. These reports include a brief commentary.
 Diligence statistics
  • Scottish Diligence Statistics Reports by financial year providing figures for diligence - the term for various processes of civil enforcement in Scottish law. Breakdown by sheriffdom and commentary provided.
 Ad-hoc statistics and Experimental statistics
  • Ad-hoc statistics and experimental statistics, which are not part of our regular official statistics releases. The findings from these ad-hoc analyses may have been used in briefings, consultations or press and ministerial statements. Experimental statistics are a type of official statistics that are undergoing development.
 Debt Solutions by Local Authority
  • Statutory debt solutions in Scotland at the local authority area level
 Historical case data
  • Details of sequestrations and protected trust deeds registered, discharged and average dividends paid from 1997 to 2007

 Bankruptcy Restriction  Orders and Undertakings

  • Recorded data of all Bankruptcy Restriction Orders and Undertakings administered by The Accountant in Bankruptcy.
 Protected trust deeds
  • Statistical information on Protected Trust Deeds

 Corporate Insolvencies

  • Recorded data on all Scottish Voluntary Members Liquidations, Voluntary Creditors Liquidations, Compulsary Liquidations and Receiverships recorded by Accountant in Bankruptcy
 Statements on Expenditure
  • Statements on expenditure and breakdown of types of expenditure. Quarterly data published by Accountant in Bankruptcy as required under the Public Services Reform Act 2010.
 Key performance Iindicators
  • Key performance measures to monior the performance of the Agency

If you require information not held within this section please see our contact us section for details.