AiB - COVID-19 - Business Continuity

In light of the on-going coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Accountant in Bankruptcy (AiB), has implemented measures to introduce flexibility and ensure business continuity for us and our stakeholders.

We will continue to update this page with on-going information including any changes to the service we provide and precautions we have taken during the  COVID-19 outbreak.

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AiB contact information

Press and ministerial releases


Production and publication of Scottish insolvency and Dilligence Statistics

AiB contact information

From Monday 23 March 2020, until further notice, all communications with teams within AiB should now be done via e-mail or our shared IT systems. 

Each teams details are as follows:

Insolvency Registrations Team :

Bankruptcy Restrictions Team:

Bankruptcy Adjudication & Supervision Team:

In-house Case Management Team:

BASYS enquiries:

Trust Deed Team:

Debt Arrangement Scheme Team enquiries:

DAS payment enquiries:

eDEN enquiries:

Contract Management Team:

Legal enquiries mailbox:

Operational Policy & Compliance Team:

Facilities Management enquiries:

Finance Team:

Trustee Accounts Team:

Communications Team:

Policy Development enquiries: 

Procurement Team:

Press and ministerial releases

Scottish Government press release about AiB - Supporting those affected by debt - 21 March 2020


Recent communications sent to our relevant stakeholders:
Debt Arrangement Scheme


Modified procedures for the bankruptcy application process - reduced evidence requirement 

Corporate insolvency cases

As a temporary measure AiB can accept forms by email for corporate insolvency cases. These should be sent to Please note that there may be a delay in the information appearing on the Register of Insolvencies.

All trustees

Dear Trustee - COVID - 19 Contingency Measures

PTD trustees

Dear Trustee - COVID-19 expanded PTD Contingency Measures


Production and publication of Scottish insolvency and Diligence Statistics

The production and publication of the following Scottish Insolvency Statistics and Scottish Diligence Statistics reports will be temporarily suspended until further notice: 

a) Scottish Insolvency Statistics: January to March 2020 (2019-20 Quarter 4)
Original publication date: 22 April 2020

b) Scottish Insolvency Statistics: April to May 2020 (2020-21 Quarter 1)
Original publication date: 22 July 2020

c) Scottish Diligence Statistics 2019-20
Original publication date: July 2020 (Exact date was not announced).

This action is necessary due to an urgent shift of resource to help manage immediate issues arising from the COVID-19 outbreak.

We will continue to produce regular statistics and will make these available when produced. However, please note that these are not official statistics, and therefore should only be used as a guide.

If you require further information about the statistics, please contact Ken.O'