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Common Financial Tool


The Common Financial Tool (CFT) is used to assess household income and expenditure with a view to setting a contribution across all statutory debt solutions.

It uses benchmark expenditure levels known as trigger figures to assess reasonable levels of expenditure.

These figures are set using the Common Financial Statement (CFS). To use the CFS and have access to the trigger figures, you must hold a licence.

Further information, including details about the trigger figures and licence requirements can be found in the Common Financial Statement (CFS) section.


Notes for Guidance - Common Financial Tool

  • Notes for Guidance

    Guidance document explaining the information and evidence requirements to support debt solution applications

CFT working group

The CFT working group comprises of representatives from around the debt advice and solutions sector and meets to discuss factors related to CFT and how it works.

The group also manage instructions around the use of this tool including the ongoing maintenance of the Notes for Guidance.

CFT Working Group Minutes 23 Feb 2023
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