AiB Information Disclosure Log

In line with the Scottish Government's procedures and the Scottish Information Commissioner's good practice guidelines, AiB publishes:
  • Freedom of Information (FOI) responses
  • Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) requests
on an AiB information disclosure log or the 'FOI/EIR Disclosure Log'.
Under the terms of FOISA and the EIRs, 'release to one is release to all' and encourages proactive publication of information that is of public interest. It is the released information that is published, not the actual response and no details about the applicant are published.
The disclosure log provides an index of information which has been released by AiB in response to specific FOI/EIRs requests.
FoI/EIR response date Topic Response Web publication date
15/02/19 Minutes request Response to FOI 15/02/19
4/2/19 Trust Deed figures Response to FOI 04/02/19
30/1/19 Misconduct figures Response to FOI 04/02/19
21/1/19 CFT & SFS figures Response to FOI 23/01/19
15/1/19 Bankrupt Company Directors Response to FOI 18/01/19
19/12/18 Certificate of Sequestration statistics Response to FOI 19/12/18
19/12/18 Debt Arrangement Scheme statistics Response to FOI 19/12/18
28/11/18 Update to FOI dated 31 July 2018 Response to FOI 28/11/18
20/11/18 External relationships with AiB Response to FOI


12/11/18 Insolvency statistics Response to FOI 12/11/18
01/10/18 Insolvency statistics Response to FOI 01/10/18
10/09/18 Trust deed statistics Response to FOI 10/09/18
3/9/18 Number of complaints Response to FOI 3/9/18
20/08/18 ICT expenditure Response to FOI 24/08/18
31/07/18 Council tax summary warrants Response to FOI 31/07/18
11/07/18 Debtors offered BRUs Response ​11/07/18
24/05/18 and 18/06/18 Private investigator in bankruptcy Response to FOI 25/06/18
21/06/18 Accounting software Response to FOI 21/06/18
18/05/18 Details of sale of property Response to FOI 18/05/18
15/02/18 BROs issued and number contested in court since 01/01/08 Response to FOI 15/0218
15/02/18 Discharged debtor and income payments order/documents relating to BROs Response to FOI 15/02/18
13/02/18 Average time trustee in place Average time by type of insolvency 19/02/18
01/01/18 Sums claimed and paid to Kenneth Pattulo Begbies Traynor Response to FOI 02/02/18
30/01/18 FOI review response Response to FOI review request 30/01/18
19/01/18 Information requested on BRO of Malcolm Scott Information on BRO 19/01/18
15/01/18 All Debtor (Scotland) Act 1987 section 84 returns Section 84 returns 19/01/18

How many of those who were found to have acted dishonestly and given a BRO, were referred to Police Scotland or to a judicial body in each year from 2012 until current? 

In addition, could we have the bankruptcy details, trust deeds, statutory debt payment programmes and BRO details where relevant for nine listed individuals

Information on BROs 22/08/17
15/08/17 Information contained in memorandums of understanding or information sharing agreements between AiB and other organisations including banks and other instituitions  Information on MOU 16/08/17
08/08/17 The number of people who's names have been withheld from the register of insolvencies because of fear, violence, abuse or other means in the last three years ROI names request 16/08/17

Amount distributed to creditors via the Debt Arrangement Scheme from 2013 - 2017

When the next tender process will open for parties to participate in submitting a tender to become a payments distributor

DAS payments distribution 20/07/17
18/07/17 All communications between AiB and the management of Stirling Citizens Advice Bureau between 01/01/17 and 21/06/17
Email responses 20/07/17

Overseas flights or travel and UK flights taken by AiB employees from January 2014 to date of request

Information contained in any register or declarations of interest or hospitality made by AiB staff in the past three years to date of request

The amounts paid to all providers appointed to administer cases on behalf of AiB under an Agency Framework Agreement from January 2014 to the date of request

The number of complaints made against each provider from January 2014 to date of request and any information on subjects of complaints and whether they were accepted

How many sequestrations were reopened since January 2014 to date of request and which agents were appointed in these cases on behalf of AiB

How many properties
or land were the subject of action to take possession of by AiB or agents acting on behalf of AiB from January 2013 to date of request and how many resulted in properties being taken possession of

Legal fees paid by AiB to law firms in the past two financial years to the date of request

Any declarations of interest from any AiB agents or providers or those acting on behalf of AiB in any capacity in the past three years to the date of request

Collated response 20/07/17
22/02/17 A breakdown of the number of debt payment programmes proposed and approved by agency or firms between 2011-16
Debt payment programme proposals 20/07/17
02/02/17 AiB's total expenditure on communications and press staff and the total number of communications and press staff in each financial year from 2006/07 - 2016/17
Budget expenditure on communications and press staff 20/07/17
14/11/16 The number of individuals with the occupation 'farmer' registered as insolvent or have been declared bankrupt over the last five years
Insolvent farmers 20/07/17
26/10/16 The number of companies who have become insolvent or entered receivership in the last five years and in each quarter of 2016/17 in Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire, Moray, Highlands, Orkney, Shetland, Western Isles
Receiverships 20/07/17
28/09/16  The number of people in Scotland currently in a form of insolvency
Scottish debt statistics 20/07/17
18/08/16 Trust deeds statistical information
PTD discharge stats 20/07/17
29/04/16 Clarification on Bankruptcy and Diligence etc.(Scotland) Act 2007 part 3 Section 60 'The abolition of messenger of arms and sheriff officers'
Bankruptcy and Diligence etc (Scotland) Act 2007 clarification 20/07/17
11/04/16 How many DAS applications were approved within Moray area and broken down to how many from Moray Council
Moray DAS applications 20/07/17
06/04/16 AiB's IT budget and spend on IT last year
IT budget spend 20/07/17
17/12/2015 AiB's current contracts with third parties and procurement contracts
AiB's contracts with third parties 20/07/17
15/09/2015 Request for firms who administer trust deeds and DAS and for figures on companies working with DAS or trust deeds
Firms who administer trust deeds and DAS 20/07/17
10/07/2015 A copy of all legal advice given by Marion Caldwell QC to the AiB in relation to the sequestration and death of my father when she was Standing Junior Counsel to the AiB
Legal advice provided by Marion Caldwell 20/07/17
01/06/2015 Confirmation that Marion Caldwell QC, was appointed Standing Junior Counsel to the Accountant in Bankruptcy between years 1991 and 2000
Confirmation of Marion Caldwell QC 20/07/17
22/05/2015 Information and statistics on debt payment programmes in relation to the Debt Arrangement Scheme
DAS statistics 20/07/17
12/05/2015 Fees paid to providers under Agency Framework
Fees Paid to Providers under Agency Framework 15/05/2015

Properties taken possession of by the Accountant in Bankruptcy, as trustee

Properties Taken Into Possession AiB 15/05/2015

The total number of contracts put out for tender by the organisation during the following two periods: 1/1/2010 - 31/12/2010 and 1/1/2013 - 31/12/2013. How many of these contracts were awarded after a tendering process in which only one contractor submitted a bid

Procurement  - Issuance of contract response


Average surplus of DAS DPPs from free-to-client debt advice sector vs. fee charging debt management firms.

The split of DAS DPPs from free and fee chargers in Q3 of the financial year for 2014/2015. Also, is there a trend to compare this to over the last few years?

Does the AIB measure how many DAS DPPs get settled early by client paying a lump sum to clear the debt?
If so, is there a year=on-year analysis?

DAS FOI Request Response 15/05/2015
The average length of time a DPP would run.
The average amount of debt in a DPP.

Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS) Debt Payment Programmes (DPPs) that were awarded to residents in Stirling up to 13 December 2013.

DAS DPPs awarded in Striling. 02/04/2014
14/02/2014 Cases over the last five years where the Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS) Debt Payment Programme (DPP) contained an initial level of debt in excess of £34,000 and the term of that DPP was excess of 14 years.

DAS DPP applications over the past 5 years when the level of Debt is excess of £34,000 and the term in excess of 14 years.

13/02/2014 The total number of completed bankruptcy payments from individuals to AiB during January to December 2013. Completed £200 bankruptcy application payments between January to December 2013. 02/04/2014
17/12/13 Details of the number of Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS) - debt payment programmes (DPPs) with a single debt

The DAS legislation changed in July 2011 to allow for DAS applications to have only one debt. Until 2011, you could not access DAS without having two or more debts.

Unless a creditor actively consents to the DPP (i.e. where they don’t respond within the timeframe or where they object to the DPP) every single-debt case will be put to the DAS Administrator decision makers for a decision under regulation 25. Since 2011 we have had 439 DAS applications where there is a single debt. Of the 439 single debt DAS applications only 74 have been refused by the DAS Administrator as a result of the regulation 25 application.

11/12/13 Number of how many DAS reviews there have been of Fair and Reasonable decisions, the reasons for them being refused, consequent appeals to the Sheriff and the number of success/ failure. The process of review of any decision made by the DAS Administrator was introduced by the new regulations on 2 July 2013. During the period between 2 July 2013 until 11 December 2013 there have been 17 requests for review of a DAS Administrators decision based on the Fair and Reasonable criteria of regulation 25(2). Of these 17, two are still under investigation by the independent review team. Of the other 15 none have overturned the original decision on the basis that the DAS Administrator has adhered to regulation 25(2) in reaching their decision. There have been no subsequent appeals to the relevant sheriff court following issue of any of the review decisions. 07/02/14
11/11/13 Number of suspected offences reports - how many trustees have been reported to the crown from 1992 to present. From 2007 to date there have been no trustees reported to the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) by way of Suspected Offence Reports. 07/02/14
12/8/13 Sequestrations reopened in the past year and figures for which agents have been appointed in these cases to act on behalf of the AiB.

Sequestrations which have been re-opened from 19 July 2012 - 19 July 2013

Further statistical information and also AiB annual reports are available on our website.

7/8/13 The number of DAS/DPP Applications that involved a Continuing Money Adviser versus those that didn't Details of DAS/DPP Applications that involved a Continuing Money Adviser versus those that didn't 8/8/13
10/7/13 A full breakdown of all transactions using Government Procurement cards and travel and subsistence cards in the 2012-13 financial year Details of goods/services paid with Government procurement cards and travel and subsistence cards in 2012-13 16/7/13
13/5/13 Number of recalls of sequestrations made in the past decade

Recalls of sequestrations

Further statistical information and also AiB annual reports are available on our website.


A breakdown of the number of sequestration cases, for the period 1 January 2012 to 31 December 2012, where a Certificate for Sequestration has been completed and an Insolvency Practitioner has been nominated to deal with the case

Information on sequestions from 1 January 2012 to 31 December 2012

Further statistical information and also AiB annual reports are available on our website.

23/1/13 Request for a breakdown of the number of Trust Deeds that were protected per Insolvency Practitioner for the period 1 January 2012 to 31 December 2012

Information on Trust Deeds that were protected in the period 1 January 2012 to 31 December 2012

Further statistical information and also AiB annual reports are available on our website.

20/12/12 AiB's Form 4 Trust Deeds Comparison Report Information on Form 4s for Trust Deeds Protected 1 April 2008 - 31 March 2009 24/1/13
Details of any organisations hired to undertake surveillance under the provisions of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers (Scotland) Act 2000 (RIPSA), the costs of any work done and why the contracts were awarded.
No organisations, non-public bodies or private investigators have been commissioned to undertake surveillance under the provisions of RIPSA on behalf of The Accountant in Bankruptcy.
22/10/12 Personal use of corporate credit cards in AiB
1. How many occurrences have been detected of employees using your organisation’s corporate credit card/ cards for personal use in each of the last 5 years.
Nov 2011 to Oct 2012 - 0
Nov 2010 to Oct 2011 - 0
Nov 2009 to Oct 2010 - 0
Nov 2008 to Oct 2009 - 0
Nov 2007 to Oct 2008 - 1
2. Details of action taken against employees identified as using your organisation’s corporate credit card/ cards for personal use in each of the last 5 years.
One card holder used their Government Procurement Card for personal use in error. They brought the incident to the attention of the card officer immediately after the event and repaid the balance in full via cheque. The employee was reminded of the need to ensure the card is used only for business priorities and no further action was taken.
Dividends paid out by insolvency practitioners in Scotland with regard to Trust Deeds during the period 1 August 2011 to 31 July 2012.
2/10/12 Legal advice relating to the handling of individual FOI requests
Legal advice for dealing with FOI requests would be obtained from the Scottish Government Legal Directorate (LSGL) rather than external advisors. There has only been one instance where advice from SGLD has been sought before responding to a FOI request. This was in relation to a request for information regarding legal services provision within AiB. SGLD were consulted to review and agree the draft response prior to issue. SG’s internal legal advisers do not charge for their legal advice or keep a record of costs of the advice they give.
1/10/12 Outsourced insolvency service contract Statistics on allocation of cases, value of estates and dividends paid between 1 April 2011 and 31 March 2012 8/10/12
1/10/12 A breakdown of sequestration and trust deed applications in East Renfrewshire since introduction of Low Income Low Asset (LILA) applications

East Renfrewshire stats for sequestrations and trust deeds - September 2012

Further statistical information and AiB annual reports are available on our website