Privacy Statement

Using your personal information
Personal information that you supply to Accountant in Bankruptcy (AiB) may be used in a number of different ways, for example:
  • To determine applications for bankruptcy and debt payment programmes
  • For the collection of fees and contributions 
  • To identify and sell assets
  • To supervise the administration of bankruptcies and Protected Trust Deeds 
  • For statistical analysis
We may share your information with, and obtain information from, third parties such as banks, credit reference agencies, creditors and local authorities for the purposes of handling your case. 
If you are made bankrupt, sign up to a Protected Trust Deed or apply under the Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS), your details will be recorded in a public register available for anyone to access free of charge. Additionally, if you do not comply with the conditions of your bankruptcy you could be subject to a Bankruptcy Restriction Order (BRO) where your details will be made public in a press release and on the AiB website. 
Using your information in this way is required to allow AiB to act under the Bankruptcy (Scotland) Act 1985 and other relevant legislation.
We, or an agent acting on our behalf, may also contact you to discuss your experience of using our service as part of our ongoing commitment to customer service.  However you will be given the opportunity to request that we do not contact you for these purposes.
For further information about how your information is used and your rights to access information we hold about you, please contact: