AiB customers give Agency the thumbs up

Over 600 debtors, creditors, insolvency practitioners and money advisors who have engaged with AiB and its providers were quizzed on their experiences in a recent customer survey.

The overwhelming majority of those who completed the survey were positive about how their issues were handled, with particular praise for the helpfulness, politeness and efficiency of AiB staff, as well as how supportive they were during difficult situations.

The survey was carried out during October and November 2016 by external research firm Ashbrook Research & Consultancy.

Topics customers were consulted on were:

  • Contact by telephone

  • Written and e-mail contacts

  • Contact via personal visits

  • Leaflets, guides and forms

  • Websites

  • Service provision

Key findings included overall satisfaction with service provision by AiB at 93 per cent among debtors – up 4 percentage points on the previous survey in 2014 and 89 per cent among money advisers – with 68 per cent of debtors very satisfied with handling of their affairs by AiB staff. Overall satisfaction with the service provided by providers working on AiB’s behalf was also high, with 92 per cent of debtors satisfied with the service received.

Politeness and courtesy of AiB staff during telephone contact with customers was also voted extremely highly, with 100 per cent of creditors and 93 per cent of debtors rating themselves satisfied.

The way AiB staff dealt with written and email communication was also regarded very positively, with 89 per cent of debtors either satisfied or very satisfied – up 4 percentage points on 2014, and 79 per cent of creditors, up a massive 14 percentage points.

Customers were also quizzed on topics such as AiB’s opening hours and new methods of engagement, with the majority voting for the status quo.

The report from Ashbrook Research & Consultancy noted: “AiB should be greatly encouraged by the positive conclusions…on the basis that they represent a range of indicators in relation to which AiB and its partners are performing well and, indeed…increasingly well.”

AiB chief executive Richard Dennis said: "When dealing with stakeholders or clients on the phone or in writing, you don’t always get feedback. But this survey shows these groups clearly appreciate the response they receive from AiB.

"While these are hugely positive results, we won’t be resting on our laurels and the work begins now to identify any areas where we can improve further and offer an even better service to our customers."

The full results are available to read here.