Phone call scam using AiB numbers

AiB is currently receiving a high volume of calls from members of the public who have received a cold call or an automated message, from criminals who have ‘spoofed’ our Government phone numbers.  ‘Spoofing’ enables these people to make calls that display on the recipient’s phone, an AiB phone number.

The callers are trying to obtain money and threatening legal action if the recipient does not provide their bank details or transfer money to them.

These calls are not being made by AiB and should be ignored with no information or money being given to the caller. 

AiB has reported this scam to the appropriate authorities and is taking action to try and prevent our phone numbers being ‘spoofed’.

If you have unexpectedly received a call, that has come from an AiB phone number, from someone claiming you owe them money, this will be a scam call and should not be replied to. 

AiB, and other genuine organisations, no matter how important and influential they may be, will not ask you to transfer funds over the phone. 

If you have received a call from someone and you have doubts it is a genuine call, you should not return the call and report the call to your phone network provider.  They can trace the call and block the number to prevent receipt of further calls from that number.