Publication of AiB's 2021-2022 Business Plan

Accountant in Bankruptcy has unveiled a series of business improvement objectives it aims to implement over the coming year in its 2021-22 Business Plan published today, Thursday 1 April 2021. 

The plan provides a high level overview of the Agency’s forward-looking proposals for the coming year, the means by which it will deliver its core functions and outlines AiB’s budget and resources.

Chief Executive Richard Dennis said “We know that in the coming year, more people will need our help. We need to look outward, not batten down the hatches. We can play a key part in helping to tackle poverty and rebuilding the economy, and our business plan sets out significant improvements we will make to put us in a better place to be able to do so. Looking back on the progress we made last year – which is astounding given the difficulties the pandemic created – I am confident this plan is both achievable and will help keep the Agency moving quickly forward.”

Read the plan in full here