New BASYS release

A new version of BASYS will be released on 5 May 2018. This release includes the ability to upload multiple documents and the moving of the application pay now button to allow applicants to pay for their application prior to submission. Full details below.


Multiple document upload

This has been developed as a replacement to uploading zip files. When a user uploads a document they can now select multiple documents by holding the control button and selecting the documents. When they select upload, all the documents highlighted using the control option will be uploaded. If uploading more than four documents the list of documents appears displayed incorrectly – see screen example below. This does not affect the download

Pay now button

The pay now button has been moved to allow a bankruptcy applicant to pay for their application prior to submission to reduce the number of phone payments made.

A known issue with this is if online payment is selected but not used immediately it will not open again. A fix is being prioritised and will be available in future release.

If you have any questions please contact BASYS enquiries at