Revised AiB Common Financial Tool (CFT) Guidance

The AiB Common Financial Tool (CFT) Guidance (May 2018 version) has now been finalised and published here. The revised CFT guidance clarifies and adds information on a number of areas around the determination of a debtor’s income and expenditure to be included in the calculation of their contribution. The changes have been made at the request of money advisers and others.

The revised guidance has been drafted and approved by the AiB Common Financial Tool Working Group. The group is composed of representatives from the money advice sector, creditors, insolvency practitioners and AiB. 

If you have any questions about the new Common Financial Tool Guidance (May 2018 version), please contact Graeme Perry, AiB’s Head of Operational Policy and Compliance and Chairman of the CFT Working Group at, or on 0300 200 2713.