AiB 2018-2020 Corporate and Business Plan

Accountant in Bankruptcy has unveiled a series of updated business improvement objectives it hopes to implement during the second year of its 2018-20 Corporate and Business Plan.

The 2019-2020 Business Plan provides a high level overview of the Agency’s planned work for the coming year and the means by which it will deliver its core functions.

It also outlines AiB’s budget and resources and how the Agency will monitor, measure and evaluate its progress against its goals.

The plan focuses on delivery of five key business areas: Case operations, IT, policy, stakeholder engagement and governance.

AiB Chief Executive Richard Dennis said: “This plan shows our budget and resource for the next year.

“It also details the performance measures we aim to complete, along with those we will commence, in order to promote continuous improvement in delivering our service as effectively and efficiently as we can for the people of Scotland.

“We have progressed our major IT project to create our new Debt Arrangement Scheme case management system eDEN and we are improving current statutory processes by developing and revising several areas of policy which underpin our work.

“Our dedicated and hard-working staff continue to go the extra mile and they have been paramount in us recently retaining our Gold Investors in People rating” 

Read the 2018-2020 Corporate and Business Plan and year 2 update on our website.