Monthly statistics user consultation results

In May 2021, AiB carried out a consultation with stakeholders and statistics users regarding the discontinuation of publishing monthly statistics. Details of the statistics user consultation can be found here: AiB Statistics User Consultation - May 2021 | Accountant in Bankruptcy

Main findings

We received 17 responses to this consultation through an opinions survey and we would like to thank all those for their responses.

From this survey, we have the following main findings:

  • Over 64% of respondents found the quarterly statistics publication most useful, compared with 24% who found the monthly statistics publication most useful.
  • The majority of users are interested in statistics on bankruptcy, Protected Trust Deeds (PTDs), the Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS) and moratorium on diligence. There remains some interest in statistics on corporate insolvency.
  • Based on the 17 responses, there are 4 main uses of our statistics: business intelligence, economic analysis and trends, personal knowledge and re-purposing for media activity.
  • The majority of respondents find out about our statistical releases from AiB directly either through an announcement email or our website.

Respondents were able to share their thoughts on what other statistics they would find useful. We have acknowledged these comments and are looking to include additional statistics on PTDs, failure rates per company, average debt level and amount repaid in the new Annual Statistics Report that is due to be published on 28 July 2021.

For those who are keen to gain online access to AiB’s databases, please contact the AiB IT team.

Stakeholders and statistics users were also invited to share their views with the AiB communications team directly. No responses were received by the communications team.

Full results of the opinions survey can be found here:

Statistics User Consultation - May 2021


Given the reintroduction of more detailed quarterly statistics publications and the results detailed above, it is now our intention to discontinue the publication of monthly statistics. 

Hence, the May 2021 edition which is scheduled to be released on Wednesday 09 June is will be the last monthly statistics publication.