Annual Statistics Publication - Postponement

Scottish Statutory Debt Solutions Statistics (Experimental Statistics) – Annual Editions

Please note that the original release date for the first annual edition, titled “Scottish Statutory Debt Solutions Statistics: 2020-21” was 28 July 2021.  However, this date has been postponed to Monday 2 August in order to ensure the quality assurance process has been carried out thoroughly.  We apologise for any inconvenience we may have caused.  Please do get in touch with us for further discussion –

Note the following statistics for the financial year 2020-21 will be published on Wednesday 28 July within the “Scottish Statutory Debt Solutions Statistics: April to June 2021-22” quarterly edition:

  • Number of statutory debt solutions
  • Number of statutory moratoria on diligence
  • Number of debtor applications by the application fee status
  • Number of approved, completed, and revoked Debt Payment Programmes (DPPs) under the Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS)
  • Number of applications to vary and revoke a DPP by the application status
  • Total amount repaid under the DAS.

The annual publication series is broadly similar to the existing quarterly publication series, but the former would include more detailed statistics, for example:

  • Number of statutory debt solutions by local authority areas
  • Length and rate of survival of protected trust deeds and approved debt payment programmes under the Debt Arrangement Scheme
  • Average debt level included in each statutory debt solution
  • Number of bankruptcies and protected trust deeds concluded in which dividend was payable to creditors or not
  • Average (mean) dividend paid to creditors.

These statistics will be initially classed as “experimental” and we are planning to undertake a work programme to continuously evaluate and improving the existing output.  More specifically, the work programme for the financial year 2021-20 will focus on three main areas: User needs; Data completeness; Quality assurance processes.

This is the first time AiB has produced annual official statistics on statutory debt solutions where the “experimental statistics” label has been used with the aim for compliance with the Code of Practice for Statistics (  Experimental statistics is defined in the Code of Practice for Official Statistics as “statistics undergoing evaluation and published to involve users and stakeholders in their development”.  The Code promotes and supports the release of experimental statistics to involve users in their development at an early stage and achieve continuous improvement in statistical processes.  Therefore, it is important to note the statistics may not be fully compliant in all areas due to their nature as “data being developed”.

The next annual, experimental statistics releases is expected to be released on the AiB website at 09:30 on July 2022.  The exact date is to be confirmed.