AiB 2020-21 Business Plan published

Accountant in Bankruptcy has unveiled a series of business improvement objectives it hopes to implement over the coming year in its 2020-21 Business Plan published today.

The plan provides a high level overview of the Agency’s forward-looking proposals for the coming year, the means by which it will deliver its core functions and outlines AiB’s budget and resources.

Reflecting on the changes since the emergence of Covid-19, Chief Executive Richard Dennis said “We have a tough and unpredictable year ahead. That means that whilst we will strive to deliver all that is set out in the business plan, we will need to be agile and able to respond to whatever comes our way, reprioritising as we need to. Our response to the pandemic so far suggests we are in good shape to deal with what the future has in store.”

AiB Business Plan 2020-21